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Re: [EP-tech] DOI Minting

From: Yuri via Eprints-tech <eprints-tech AT ecs.soton.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 14:51:27 +0100

Threading: Re: [EP-tech] DOI Minting from eprints-tech AT ecs.soton.ac.uk
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Maybe write the event directly in the mysql table used for the queue to
mint and tweet?

Il 12/11/19 13:56, Rory McNicholl via Eprints-tech ha scritto:
> Hi James,
> yes the trigger is the EP_TRIGGER_STATUS_CHANGE one, so from what you
> say that won't be happening.
> I guess options would be
> a)  to use a more general trigger like EP_TRIGGER_AFTER_COMMIT and
> then check the status of the item and whether there is already a DOI
> in place etc etc etc... though you may end up with a lot more logic to do?
> b) you could enable the action_coin plugin in the z_datacitedoi.pl and
> then go and press the "Coin DOI" button in the UI. I guess that 
> be a drag if you have more than a handful of Theses to process.
> Maybe there's a c) out there without any downsides?
> Cheers,
> Rory
> Rory McNicholl
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> *Subject:* [EP-tech] DOI Minting
> Hi All,
> I'm currently going through the process of uploading a load of
> digitised theses.
> I've managed to write scripts to create the EPrints friendly metadata
> and altered the bin/import script to slurp up a load of XML files and
> do the deposits for me.
> I'm having trouble getting the DOIs to mint on deposit (datacite) and
> to get my twitter bot to send tweets upon deposit (my own
> Frankenstein's monster of a script).
> Usually these scripts are triggered when an item moves from the review
> to the live archive. The digitised theses items are going straight
> into the live archive which I guess is why they aren't being triggered.
> Does anybody have any helpful advice on this?
> Thanks,
> James
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