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[EP-tech] e-mails and multi approval process

From: "May, Michael" <mmay2 AT RADFORD.EDU>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 12:20:26 -0400

I have a couple questions about the process of review and repository submittal. 
 My institution would like to have a 2 level approval process, one level would 
be graduate school approval of the document but at that point instead of moving 
to the repository we would like a second approval from library personnel who 
would then add the document to the repository.  The question is would it be 
possible to have the graduate school approval send an email to the library 
personnel letting them know it was approved.  Along those lines is it possible 
to send emails from ePrints at various points in the process to keep the 
submitter informed of the document status?

Michael May
Web Services Developer
Radford University - McConnell Library
mmay2 AT radford.edu

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