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Re: [BOAI] Copyright (or left) issues, a question

From: "Siegfried Angerer" <sseaprod AT>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 23:14:43 +1000

Threading: [BOAI] Copyright (or left) issues, a question from peter.j.murray AT
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Reply to "Peter Murray" <peter.j.murray AT>
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2003 9:00 PM
Subject: [BOAI] Copyright (or left) issues, a question

Yes! The issue raised its head throughout the Copyright discussion forum
more than 12 month ago.
As an online content producer, developer, writer etc, I faced the issue as
early as 1995. The bottom line is the first simple question you have to ask
yourself - what and how much are you prepared to give away for nothing.
The second simple question is - who else owns a stake, or can in some way
make a claim on your intellectually rights or property ( the two things are
distinct and separate ) "Note in most cases your University employer 
that the wage paid to you, delivers an unchallengeable ownership claim and a
subsequent right to commercialise the fruits of your labour in any way it
sees fit. (???)
The third simple question is - what are your own intentions - Journal
articles are often delivered for academic prestige, peer recognition and
related reasons of academic advancement, or even for the less selfless among
us - the sheer delight in furthering human knowledge. So what is it you wish
to achieve and why?
Siegfried Angerer
Director SEA Pty Ltd (R&D Trust - specialists in online distributed 
and teaching)

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From: "Peter Murray" <peter.j.murray AT>
To: <boai-forum AT>
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2003 9:00 PM
Subject: [BOAI] Copyright (or left) issues, a question

> A question/issue that I think is relevant to discussions on this list, and
> that I would like to try and get some opinions, or guidance, on.
> If we are talking about, and promoting, ideas of open access etc., where
> we as a group, or individuals stand, on the issue of signing over
> of their work to other organisations, eg publishers, conference
> etc? I ask as it is an issue I have faced recently, and which I feel will
> increasingly cause problems.
> While we want to get discussion of open access etc into a wider forum, can
> we, morally, then say in articles where we are promoting open access that
> we will give up our copyright to the publishers etc? - or do we just
> swallow our principles?
> Has anyone else faced similar situations, and how have they tackled it? -
> on the occasion in question, the conference organisers were happy for me
> give them permission to use the materials under GNU GPL.
> Cheers, Peter Murray

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