I am an Indian researcher and I speak for most of our = colleagues in the developing world. The copyright should remain with = the author(s) of a paper (or any intellectual or artistic product). = While we publish a paper in a journal we only give them the first right = to publish.No publisher, in the new order of things, should demand = transfer of copyright (from the author to the publisher). Please refer = to the many articles written by Stevan Harnad.

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Subject: [BOAI] Copyright (or left) issues, a = question

A question/issue that I think is relevant to = discussions on this list, and
that I would like to try and get some opinions, or = guidance, on.

If we are talking about, and promoting, ideas of open = access etc., where do
we as a group, or individuals stand, on the issue of = signing over copyright
of their work to other organisations, eg publishers, = conference organisers,
etc? I ask as it is an issue I have faced recently, = and which I feel will
increasingly cause problems.

While we want to get discussion of open access etc = into a wider forum, can
we, morally, then say in articles where we are = promoting open access that
we will give up our copyright to the publishers etc? = - or do we just
swallow our principles?

Has anyone else faced similar situations, and how = have they tackled it? -
on the occasion in question, the conference = organisers were happy for me to
give them permission to use the materials under GNU = GPL.

Cheers, Peter Murray