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Re: [BOAI] OAI compliant

From: Simeon Warner <simeon AT>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 16:56:09 -0400 (EDT)

Threading: [BOAI] OAI compliant from lqthede AT
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On Fri, 4 Jul 2003, Linda Q. Thede wrote:
> Is the tag set described at 
>  OAI compliant?

All OAI exchanged XML must validate against an XML schema. This tag
library appears to be described using DTDs and thus "isn't OAI 
(or perhaps more helpfully: can't be used for metadata exchange via OAI).

However, there is nothing to stop someone writing a schema for the
format(s) described by this tag library. Exchange of metadata using these 
tags would then be possible using OAI.


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