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The Free Online Scholarship (FOS) Newsletter has been dormant since September 2002, but I'm happy to announce that it has resumed regular publication.  It has a new name, the "SPARC Open Access Newsletter", and a new publisher, SPARC. 

I just mailed the first issue under the new name.  Among other things, it covers Martin Sabo's Public Access to Science Act, the threat to open access from spam remedies, and some detail on what made the revival of the newsletter possible.

If you're not a subscriber, you can read the new issue online,

For the same reasons that the FOS Newsletter has become the SPARC Open Access Newsletter, the FOS Forum has become SPARC Open Access Forum.  All subscribers to the FOS newsletter and forum are automatically subscribers to the new SPARC editions.  But of course new subscribers are welcome.

SPARC home page on the newsletter and forum

My own home page on the newsletter and forum

It's good to be back.


Peter Suber

Open Access Project Director, Public Knowledge
Senior Researcher, SPARC
Editor, SPARC Open Access Newsletter
Editor, Open Access News blog
Research Professor of Philosophy, Earlham College