Prof. Bruce Alberts, President of the US National = Academy of Sciences, is a champion of science in the developing world. = About a year or two ago, he spoke about the need for making scientific = and scholarly literature widely available, especially to scientists in = the developing countries, even if it means substantial subsidies. In = about a week from now he will be addressing presidents (and other = representatives) of many national science academies of the world at the = meeting of the Inter Academy Council. People like us should write to = him and support him in this initiative. And persuade him and other = Academy presidents to work out a time-bound programme to make most of = the STM literature widely available on the Internet and also a = programme that would ensure access to computers and high bandwidth = Internet connections for developing country researchers. What use is it = if the information is available, but not the tools necessary to access = it!

I am marking copies of this mail to several = like-minded people.
Howsoever committed we are, I am afraid, unless we = enlist the support of eminent scientists who can bring in the huge = funds needed, we cannot succeed in achieving our goal - of making STM = information easily accessible to developing country scientists. =

[Subbiah Arunachalam]