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Re: [BOAI] Re: THES article on research access Friday June 6 2003

From: "Margaret H. Freeman" <freemamh AT>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 07:40:05 -0400

Threading: Re: [BOAI] Re: THES article on research access Friday June 6 2003 from peters AT
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On 6/10/03 5:44 PM, "Peter Suber" <peters AT> 

> At 04:42 PM 6/10/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>> On 6/10/03 1:26 PM, "Stevan Harnad" <harnad AT> wrote:
>>> > So copyright is certainly not the problem.
>> That may be true for certain disciplines, but I can attest that in the
>> humanities, where we cite original literature, we find it expensive 
>> sometimes impossible to make our research internet accessible.
>> Margaret
> Margaret,
>      Could you elaborate on this a bit further?  I can understand why art
> historians and art critics have problems.  They want to reproduce entire =
> to illustrate their points.  But I don't see any comparable problem for
> scholarship in literature, history, philosophy, or religion.  Citing orig=
> literature, and quoting passages in fair use, do not violate copyright.
>      I can also see why copyright would thwart those who want to make
> anthologies or reprint whole works; but these problems affect all discipl=
> equally.=20
>      Best,
>      Peter
Sorry I wasn=B9t more explicit. By =B3literature=B2 I was thinking of creative
writings, such as poetry, fiction, drama, the texts of which do not get int=
the public domain for years (and the time has recently been increased
further). Publishers consider one poem a =B3complete=B2 work (as opposed to a
book of poems), which means if you want to cite an entire poem, it is not
considered fair use. I know this could be debated, but scholars tend not to
be willing to take on the publishers on their own. Even in scholarly
articles, we have to pay fees (e.g. $200 for one poem by Sylvia Plath), and
the restrictions are heavy (no publishing elsewhere or loading on websites)=


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