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Re: [BOAI] biodefense and self-censorship

From: Reme Melero <rmelero AT>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 10:20:25 +0100

Threading: [BOAI] biodefense and self-censorship from Bernard.Lang AT
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[Note from the moderator:  A general discussion of bioterror and censorship is 
beyond the topic of the BOAI Forum.  The larger discussion is important to 
science and society, and should proceed.  But I hope that we can keep our 
discussion here closely connected to open access issues, for example, the 
possibility that free self-archiving of preprints will defeat the purpose of 
security-driven censorship of postprints.  --Peter Suber.]

A couple of comments:

First of all,  bioterrorism or terrorism existed before 11 September and 
still exist after that. I mean , people should aware of that not only 
because it happened in the States. But, why now this interest and not 
before? Is it not a question of bias?

Misuse? Abuse? Authors and editors do not publish their works with 
those aims, who want to and on purpose look for the means employing any 
tool, I presume.

I do not thing “closing doors” is the solution, especially now, when the 
system is questioning the access and dissemination of science and 
scientific communication in general,  and claiming for open access to 
the scientific publications, it does not seem the best. Question: who is 
going to censure? Who is going to control what and what not to publish? 
Again bias and fraud two issues discussed in any “publishing atmosphere
forum” come up.

This  the opinion of an editor based in Spain.

R. Melero
Managing Editor
Food Science and Technology International
PO BOX 73 46100 Burjasot, Valencia, Spain
TEl +34 96 390 00 22. Fax 96 363 63 01

Bernard Lang wrote:
> Without comments, you will find below:
> - an editorial from Nature (15 February 2003)
>    Statement on the consideration of biodefence and biosecurity
> - un article de l'AFP en francais sur le meme sujet
>    Science et terrorisme : les revues scientifiques appellent à la 
> Comments welcome
> Tous commentaires bienvenus
> Bernard


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