I think your article brings to light the proper path to getting information out to DC in a very good way.   I live presently in a country that has a good database system commonly called Lanl here.  But all the Developing Countries can benefit from their own centralized system themselves.  In the past, till I recently became Chief Editor of the Journal of Advanced Propulsion Methods, I had done educational websites online to inform and educate people on the progress of modern Science.  I have always strived to see that these websites were open to all the search engines worldwide for a very strong reason.   I believe Science belongs to all the Planet and that the key to progress towards world peace and a better Planet in general is seeing that all Countires have an equal chance to develope properly and build a decent infrastructure.   One key to that structure is Scientific knowledge.  Such a system as you propose for DC's in part of the way to make sure that happens.


                                                                   Dr. Paul Karl Hoiland

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