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Re: [BOAI] 3 forthcoming talks on open access through self-archiving (April-May)

From: Peter Murray <peter.j.murray AT>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 10:01:32 +0000

Threading: [BOAI] 3 forthcoming talks on open access through self-archiving (April-May) from harnad AT
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A related event on Open Access with particular interest to UK health=20
community may be the following (although it doesn't seem to be on=20

a Forum on Open Access in Medical Research Publishing at the British=20
Library in London on Monday April 14th 2003.

Co-hosted by the NHS, the British Library and BioMed Central, this event=20
will provide an afternoon of talks and open discussion on developments and=
issues in new models of scholarly publishing. If you are involved in=20
medical research, and are in a position to publish your findings, you will=
need to know about these new developments, as they will directly affect the=
visibility and citability of your work. In addition, the NHS has recently=20
become a member of BioMed Central, which is of direct benefit to=20
researchers =97 come and find out why!

Dr Peter Murray

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