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[BOAI] The OA Interviews: Toma Susi, physicist, University of Vienna

From: "Richard Poynder" <richard.poynder AT>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2016 13:22:10 -0000

Since the birth of the open access movement in 2002, demands for greater
openness and transparency in the research process have both grown and
broadened. Today there are calls not just for OA to research papers, but
(amongst other things) to the underlying data, to peer review reports, and
to lab notebooks. 


In response to these developments, earlier this year the Research Ideas &
Outcomes (RIO) Journal was launched. RIO's mission is to open up the entire
research cycle - by publishing project proposals, data, methods, workflows,
software, project reports and research articles. These will all be made
freely available on a single collaborative platform. 


Unsurprisingly perhaps, the first grant proposal made openly available on
RIO was published by a physicist - Finnish-born Toma Susi, who is based at
the University of Vienna in Austria. 


An interview with Susi about his proposal, and his experience of publishing
on RIO is available here:




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