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[BOAI] GL17 Conference Program - First Release

From: "GreyNet International" <info AT>
Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 16:10:58 +0200

GL17 Conference Program

"While bridging textual and non-textual content is technically possible, 
also requires an information policy in place that supports these new digital
assets. Likewise, information professionals and practitioners must be able
to (re)appropriate human resources and streamline their workflow in
innovative ways. GL17 welcomes authors and researchers who will come to
share their experience and vision on how best to channel this new wave of
grey literature."

Seventeenth International Conference on Grey Literature 'A New Wave of
Textual and Non-Textual Grey Literature'
The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Amsterdam, Netherlands on
1 - 2 December 2 0 1 5


GreyNet International
Grey Literature Network Service
Javastraat 194-HS
1095 CP Amsterdam

T/F +31-(0)20 331 2420
Email: info AT

"GreyNet is dedicated to Research, Publication, Open Access, and Education
in the field of Grey Literature"

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