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[BOAI] Registration now open: Radical Open Access Conference - Coventry University 15/06-16/06

From: Gary Hall <mail AT>
Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 09:39:21 +0100

*Radical Open Access Conference

/15th - 16th of June 2015/

Two days of critical discussion and debate in support of an 
‘alternative’ vision for open access and scholarly communication. The 
aim of the conference is to explore some of the intellectually and 
politically exciting ways of understanding open access that are 
currently available internationally. A particular emphasis is placed on 
those that have emerged in recent years in the arts, humanities and 
social sciences.

This conference is organized by The Centre for Disruptive Media 
<> at The School of Art and Design at 
Coventry University.

Attendance and participation is free of charge.

Register and find out more at: 



*Confirmed Speakers*: An Uncertain Commons, Janneke Adema, Dominique 
Babini, Armin Beverungen, Mercedes Bunz, Marcus Burkhardt, Joe Deville, 
Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Christian Fuchs, Rupert Gatti, Gary Hall, David 
Harvie, John Holmwood, Sigi Jöttkandt, Eileen Joy, Chris Kelty, Sarah 
Kember, Andreas Kirchner, Christopher Land, Stuart Lawson, Tara 
McPherson, David Ottina, Nate Tkacz, Marisol Sandoval, Joanna Zylinska


*Projects and Presses*: Culture Machine, CLACSO, Discover Society, 
Ephemera, Goldsmiths Press, Journal of Peer Production, Journal of 
Radical Librarianship, Limn, Mattering Press, MayFly Books, MediaCommons 
Press, MLA Commons, Meson Press, Open Humanities Press, Photomediations 
Machine, Punctum Books, Scalar, Spheres, tripleC, Vectors



/There is no document of civilization which is not at the same time a 
document of barbarism. And just as such a document is not free of 
barbarism, barbarism taints also the manner in which it was transmitted 
from one owner to another. A historical materialist therefore 
dissociates himself from it as far as possible. He regards it as his 
task to brush history against the grain./

                   (Walter Benjamin, /Theses on the Philosophy of History/)

While open access has at long last entered the mainstream in the global 
West and North, it is a particular version of it that is being taken up 
so widely. Open access is currently being positioned and promoted by 
policy makers, funders and commercial publishers alike primarily as a 
means of serving the knowledge economy and helping to stimulate market 
competition. This version has become so dominant that even those on the 
left of the political spectrum who are critical of open access are 
presenting it in much the same terms: as merely assisting with the 
ongoing process of privatising knowledge, research and the university.

Rather than ‘working with the grain’ of neoliberalism’s co-option of 
open access, the Radical Open Access conference will reclaim it by 
asking: what is the potential for supporting and taking further some of 
the different, more intellectually and politically exciting, ways of 
understanding open access that are currently available internationally? 
A particular emphasis will be placed on those that have emerged in 
recent years, in the arts, humanities and social sciences especially. 
Radical Open Access will thus provide the impetus for bringing together 
many of those currently involved in experimenting with ‘alternative’ 
forms of open access: both to discuss the long, multifaceted critical 
tradition of open access, its history and genealogies; and to examine a 
broad range of radical open access models.

As part of its refusal to concede open access, the conference will 
endeavour to strengthen alliances between the open access movement and 
other struggles concerned with the right to access, copy, distribute, 
sell and (re)use artistic, literary, cultural and academic research 
works and other materials (FLOSS, p2p, internet piracy etc.); and to 
stimulate the creation of a network of publishers, theorists, scholars, 
librarians, technology specialists, activists and others, from different 
fields and backgrounds, both inside and outside of the university. In 
particular, the conference will explore a vision of open access that is 
characterised by a spirit of on-going creative experimentation, and a 
willingness to subject some of our most established scholarly 
communication and publishing practices, together with the institutions 
that sustain them (the library, publishing house etc.), to rigorous 
critique. Included in the latter will be the asking of important 
questions about our notions of authorship, authority, originality, 
quality, credibility, sustainability, intellectual property, fixity and 
the book - questions that lie at the heart of what scholarship is and 
what the university can be in the 21^st century.

Gary Hall
Research Professor of Media and Performing Arts
School of Art and Design, Coventry University
Director of Open Humanities Press

NEW BOOK: Open Education: A Study in Disruption
(London: Rowman and Littlefield International, 2014) - co-authored by 
Coventry’s Open Media Group and Mute Publishing
and available open access at

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