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[BOAI] Open Access and the Request Eprint Button: Q&A with Eloy Rodrigues

From: "Richard Poynder" <ricky AT>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 09:28:52 -0000

Contrary to what one might expect, not all the items in open access
repositories are publicly available. Estimates of the percentage of the
content in repositories that is not in fact open access tend to range from
around 40% to 60%. This will include bibliographic records containing only
metadata, plus full-text documents that have been placed on "dark 
deposit" -
i.e. documents that are present in the repository but not freely available,
either because they are subject to a publisher's embargo or because the
author(s) asked for the full-text to be deposited on a closed access basis.
To enable researchers to nevertheless obtain copies of items that have been
placed on dark deposit OA advocates developed the request eprint button. But
how does the button work, and how effective is it?


Eloy Rodrigues, Director of Documentation Services at the University of
Minho, discusses the issues and outlines the situation at UMinho here:



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