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[BOAI] Grey Literature Bucket List 2015

From: "GreyNet International" <info AT>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 12:46:25 +0100


"Community Sourcing for Grey Literature"

The Grey Literature Network Service is dedicated to Research, Publication, Open 
Access, and Education in the field of Library and Information Science. Your 
content contribution today as an information professional and practitioner can 
be made through a number of sustained channels:

□ Enter your Bio in the ‘Who is in Grey Literature’ 

□ Endorse the Pisa Declaration on Policy Development for Grey Literature 

□ Respond to the GL17 Call for Papers 
□ Join GreyNet’s LinkedIn Discussion Group 

□ Follow GreyNet on Twitter 

□ Enter a record in the GreySource Index 
□ Submit an article to The Grey Journal (TGJ) 
□ Provide your research data for entry in the DANS Data Archive 
□ Voice your comments on GreyNet’s Business Report 
□ Other suggestions, info AT 

GreyNet International
Grey Literature Network Service
Javastraat 194-HS
1095 CP Amsterdam

T/F +31-(0)20 331 2420
Email: info AT

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