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[BOAI] OASPA Announces Conference Dates for 2015

From: Claire Redhead <claire.redhead AT>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2015 13:12:14 +0000

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OASPA is pleased to announce that the 7th Conference on Open Access
Scholarly Publishing (COASP) will be held in the Trippenhuis at The Royal
Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences <>
(KNAW) in Amsterdam, 15th-17th September, 2015.

Further announcements will be made when the preliminary program is
available and registrations are open, plus information will also be posted
on the conference page of our website <>.

Claire Redhead

Membership & Communications Manager

Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, OASPA

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size=3D"3"></font>OASPA is<font color=3D"=
#000000" face=3D"Calibri" size=3D"3">=C2=A0pleased 
to announce that the 7th=
 Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP) will be held in the=
 Trippenhuis at </font><a 
href=3D"" target=3D=
"_blank"><font color=3D"#0563c1" 
face=3D"Calibri" size=3D"3">The Royal Neth=
erlands Academy of Arts and Sciences</font></a><font 
 color=3D"#000000"><font size=3D"3"> (KNAW) in 
Amsterdam, 15th-17th</font><=
font size=3D"3"> September, 
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size=3D"3">Further announcements will be m=
ade when the preliminary program is available and registrations are open, p=
lus information will also be=C2=A0posted on the conference page of our <a h=
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oman" size=3D"3"></font><p style=3D"margin:0cm 
0cm 0pt;line-height:normal">=
<font color=3D"#000000" face=3D"Calibri" 
size=3D"3">Membership &amp; Commun=
ications Manager</font></p><font color=3D"#000000" 
face=3D"Times New Roman"=
 size=3D"3"></font><p style=3D"margin:0cm 0cm 
 color=3D"#000000" face=3D"Calibri" 
size=3D"3">Open Access Scholarly Publis=
hers Association, OASPA</font></p><font 
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 Roman" size=3D"3"></font><p 
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"><a href=3D"" 
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00" face=3D"Calibri" size=3D"3"> 


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