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[BOAI] CfP 19th International Conference on Electronic Publishing - 1-2 September, Malta

From: Birgit Schmidt <bschmidt AT>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 11:08:54 +0100

*** Apologies for cross postings ***


*Call for Papers*

*19th International Conference on Electronic Publishing*
*Scale, Openness and Trust: New Avenues for Electronic Publishing in the 
Age of Infinite Collections and Citizen Science***

*1-2 September 2015, Malta*

Conference web site: <>

Proceedings will be published *open access* by *IOS Press. *Selected 
papers will be published in a special edition of the journal 
*Information Services & Use*.



The International Conference on Electronic Publishing (Elpub) approaches 
its 20th anniversary. Elpub 2015 is the 19th edition of the conference 
and it will continue the tradition, bringing together academics, 
publishers, lecturers, librarians, developers, entrepreneurs, users and 
all other stakeholders interested in issues regarding electronic 
publishing in widely differing contexts.

Elpub 2015 will in particular focus on the interplay of two dimensions 
of electronic publishing -- the ever growing volume of digital 
collections, and the improved understanding of the widest user group: 
that of citizens. This exciting theme will encompass human, cultural, 
economic, social, technological, legal, commercial and other relevant 

We aim to provide a forum for discussing how scale of collections, 
openness and trust change the way citizens contribute to modern research.

We invite contributions from members of communities whose research and 
experiments are transforming the nature of electronic publishing and 
scholarly communication.

Topics include but are not restricted to:

*Avenues for engagement with digital collections*

  * User engagement (strategies and trends, incentives, models for
    participatory projects/experiments, data quality and management,
    open science) **
  * Methods for crowd-sourcing contributions (demonstrations, platforms,
    open annotation, games)**
  * Disciplinary views on public participation in the digitization of
    collections (e.g. biodiversity, geography, history, music, art,
    astronomy, languages) **
  * Enhanced research infrastructures and publishing environments
    (digital humanities, tools, workflows, interoperability, digital
  * Ethical and legal issues (authority, reliability, trust, copyright,
    authorship, privacy)**

*Publishing, access and reuse *

  * Publishing models (business and funding models, tools, services and
  * Open access (publishing solutions, mandates and compliance,
    licenses, recommendations, disciplinary initiatives)
  * New publishing paradigm (data publishing and citation, open pre/post
    publication peer review, executable papers, nano-publications)
  * Good practices and quality standards (authorship and contributor
    roles, cost transparency, management and monitoring of publication
    costs, new metrics for credit and attribution, reproducible research)
  * Interoperability (metadata, identifier, vocabularies, repository
    integration, scalability, middleware infrastructure)
  * Legal and ethical issues (security, privacy and copyright issues)
  * Digital preservation (cultural heritage, content authentication,

*Data mining and knowledge discovery*

  * Text and data mining (natural language processing, text harvesting,
    dynamic formatting)
  * Open Data, Open Linked Data (solutions, methods, tools, open data
  * Association mining (knowledge linking, discovery, presentation)
  * Visualization (clustering, graphs, knowledge maps, augmented reality)
  * Legal issues (copyright, database rights, licensing, etc.)

*Online social networks for scientific communication*

  * User behavior and personalization technologies (user studies, social
    tagging, recommendation services)
  * Social interaction analysis (author collaboration trends,
    publication trends)
  * Network analysis (modelling and visualization of science networks)
  * Bibliometrics and Altmetrics (data appraisal, citation and attribution)
  * Security, privacy and integrity (online ethics, privacy policies)


All submissions are subject to peer review. For each accepted paper, at 
least one author is expected to register for the conference to present 
the paper. Inclusion in the proceedings is conditional upon registration 
of at least one author per paper.

Moreover, upon submitting the workshop, tutorials and panels proposals, 
the proposers commit that in case their submission is accepted, all 
people involved (speakers, lecturers, panel members, etc.) will 
physically attend and coordinate it.

Papers submitted to this conference must not have been accepted or be 
under review by another conference or by a journal. The accepted papers 
will be published by IOS Press in a digital format open access 
conference proceedings book. Papers will be indexed in DBLP, Scopus and 
other abstracting and indexing services.

After the conference, selected papers will be published open access in 
the journal /Information/ /Services & Use/ 
( under a 
Creative Commons license.

Furthermore, all accepted papers and posters will be archived at the 
Elpub Digital Library: All contents published 
in the Elpub proceedings are distributed open access via the conference 
archive under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license, 
which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any 
medium, provided that the original work is properly cited.

Paper submission and review will be managed via the EasyChair system. To 
submit a paper, please use the appropriate template and follow the 
specific instructions available at the conference website 

*All full papers, short papers and posters must be written in English 
and submitted via the **Easy Chair* 
system in _PDF_ format.*

*Submission guidelines*

For all submissions follow the IOS Press instructions and tools which 
are available at the following URL: IOS Press template 

Contributions are invited for the following categories:

  * *Full papers*(manuscript up to 10 pages)
  * *Short papers*(manuscript up to 6 pages)
  * *Posters*(abstract min. of 500 and max. of 1,000 words; manuscript
    up to 3 pages)
  * *Tutorials*(abstract min. of 500 and max. of 1,000 words; manuscript
    up to 3 pages)
  * *Workshops*(abstract min. of 500 and max. of 1,000 words; manuscript
    up to 3 pages)
  * *Demonstrations*(abstract min. of 500 and max. of 1,000 words;
    manuscript up to 3 pages)

*Important dates*

13 December 2014Submission Site Open (*Easy Chair -- Elpub2015* 
15 February 2015 Submission Deadline for Abstracts (Time: 11:59 PM, PST)
31 March 2015 Author Decision Notification
15 May 2014 Submission of Camera Ready Version
15 June 2015Early Bird Registration Deadline
15 August 2015Final Registration Deadline

*Conference dates and location:* 1-2 September 2015, University of Malta
*Conference Host*: University of Malta
*General Chair:* Milena Dobreva 
<>, University of 
*Programme Chair:* Birgit Schmidt, University of Göttingen
*Committees:* Programme Committee 

Looking forward to your contributions to and participation in the 
Birgit and Milena

Dr Birgit Schmidt, University of Göttingen
Prof Milena Dobreva, University of Malta

Dr. Birgit Schmidt
Scientific Manager

Goettingen State and University Library
- Electronic Publishing -
Platz der Goettinger Sieben 1
D-37073 Goettingen

Tel. +49 551 39-33181
Fax  +49 551 39-5222
bschmidt AT

<mailto:openaire AT>

Dr. Birgit Schmidt
Scientific Manager

Goettingen State and University Library
- Electronic Publishing -
Platz der Goettinger Sieben 1
D-37073 Goettingen

Tel. +49 551 39-33181
Fax  +49 551 39-5222
bschmidt AT

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