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[BOAI] Over 40 Signatories Ask Elsevier to Withdraw TDM Policy

From: Friedel Grant <Friedel.Grant AT>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 12:17:56 +0000

At the beginning of July, LIBER and 17 other research and library organisations 
across Europe called on Elsevier to withdraw its current policy on text and 
data mining 

The number of signatories to the letter has now surpassed 40. They include 33 
professional groups plus individual researchers, professors and librarians in a 
total of 18 countries. All signatories are listed in an updated version of the 

letter<> explains why we believe that Elsevierís current TDM policy places unnecessary restrictions on researchers by limiting their ability, and their right, to mine content to which they have legal access.

For more information, please see the LIBER 
website<>. If you would like to sign the letter, either as an organisation or as an individual, please send your details to friedel.grant AT Organisations should also attach a logo, which we can display on the letter.

With thanks,

Friedel Grant
Communications Officer
LIBER Europe

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