This has to be the funniest article I have read in years. IUt should have been published on April 1st.

Here is the abstract:

While the open-access (OA) movement purports to be about making scholarly content
open-access, its true motives are much different. The OA movement is an anti-corporatist movement
that wants to deny the freedom of the press to companies it disagrees with. The movement is also
actively imposing onerous mandates on researchers, mandates that restrict individual freedom. To
boost the open-access movement, its leaders sacrifice the academic futures of young scholars and
those from developing countries, pressuring them to publish in lower-quality open-access journals.
The open-access movement has fostered the creation of numerous predatory publishers and
standalone journals, increasing the amount of research misconduct in scholarly publications and the
amount of pseudo-science that is published as if it were authentic science.

Incidentally, I wonder if Beall knows that corporatism was a doctrine supported by Pope Leo XIII in the late 19th century. Fascist corporatism was of course one of the main tenets of Mussolini's political agenda. I suspect he meant "anti-corporation" meaning really anti-capitalistic.

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