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Hi Richard,


I'm glad to see you cover the evolution of Elsevier's green policy.


BTW, at one point you link to a Wayback-Machine copy of my June 2004 newsletter. But that issue is still available at its original URL.


You linked to that issue in order to link to my article, "Elsevier permits postprint archiving." If you prefer, here's the copy of that article in the Harvard repository.









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A new Q&A in a series exploring the current state of Open Access has been published. This one is with Philippe Terheggen Director Journal Development and Support at Elsevier. Terheggen, who is responsible for all 2,500 of Elsevier’s journals, is the second representative of a traditional commercial publisher to take part in this series.


As the largest legacy journal publisher, Elsevier tends to attract more criticism from the OA movement than other publishers. One could argue, however, that it has conspired in this by doing more than other publishers to try to derail OA — not least by aggressively supporting the infamous Research Works Act (RWA) in 2011. Today, however, Elsevier accepts that OA has become mainstream, that it needs to embrace it, and that it may not turn out to be the monster that the publisher assumed it to be. As Philippe Terheggen says in the Q&A, “In my opinion, we’re past the notion of OA as a threat to publishers as there are many examples of OA publishers who run a perfectly healthy business.”


The  Q&A can be read here:


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