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[BOAI] Re: [sparc-oaforum] Fwd: Berlin OA conference: registration for remaining seats

From: Mitar <mitar AT>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 16:34:38 -0700


Do you know if we applied for Berlin 11 Satellite Conference, do we also
have to apply for Berlin 11 Open Access conference? Will the possible
travel stipend cover us staying for the Berlin 11 Open Access conference
as well?


> [Forwarding from Georg Botz.  --Peter Suber.]
> As of today, the registration for the "Berlin 11 Open Access" 
conference is
> open to the public. Because of the special nature of this year's
> conference, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Berlin Declaration, a
> large fraction of participants has been invited. But from now on, the
> remaining seats will be assigned in the order of registration.
> Please visit the conference website for information about
> the program, venue, and the registration procedure (registration password:
> OAC13mpg ). In case you have questions about the registration process or
> organisational details please contact us under the following address:
> berlin11 AT .
> On behalf of the conference team,
> Georg Botz

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