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[BOAI] Re: Signalling the openness of references cited on Wikipedia

From: "Andras Holl" <holl AT>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2013 09:48:12 +0200

Threading: [BOAI] Re: Signalling the openness of references cited on Wikipedia from daniel.mietchen AT
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The copyleft situation is not so simple that we could use a single symbol.
There are, and rightfully so, several copyleft licenses for different
purposes, CC - with all the possible modifiers - can not cover every need.
So I prefer the approach when we have more than one - a few - different,
already widely used symbols: CC, the orange open padlock (which covers
gratis OA as well), and maybe a couple of more.

To see the accessibility, and to see the reusability are both important,
but we can not put every document to the bed of Procustes, however
appealing the simplicity would be.

Andras Holl

Andras Holl / Holl Andras                e-mail: holl AT
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