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[BOAI] Re: Tensions grow as data-mining discussions fall apart

From: Julia Bolton Holloway <holloway.julia AT>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 08:23:48 +0200

Threading: [BOAI] Tensions grow as data-mining discussions fall apart from carolina.rossini AT
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Initially, copyright came about to protect authors' intellectual 
property and to provide them an income in exchange for their work. 
Today, publishers use this for their own profits, not for their authors. 
With hard copy books and articles there are also the costs involved of 
paper, ink, binding, distributing, advertising, shelving, cataloguing, 
etc. While some of my books are published in this way, others I 
self-publish on the Web on my websites, using a server I pay for out of 
my pension, outside of the academic structures, making accessible, 
globally, primary research materials such as manuscript texts and 
facsimiles that otherwise could only be accessed by a few scholars 
travelling to European libraries. I write the texts with html and jpg 
using the Sea Monkey Composer (successor to the Netscape Composer), and 
add meta-tags for search engines. Keeping the programme simple is 
essential for transferability. I would recommend scholars do this, using 
editing skills, creating departmental cottage industries, and that these 
holistic liberating methods be taught in graduate schools. We do not 
need the exclusive expert proprietary corporate model, but rather the 
monastic one where learning was produced and preserved in-house, then 
shared, Continent-wide, with reciprocal networks.

Julia Bolton Holloway Mediatheca 'Fioretta Mazzei' 'English' Cemetery 
P.le Donatello, 38 50132 FIRENZE ITALY

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