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[BOAI] Re: a question on the nature of this group

From: "Lindstrom, Kevin" <kevin.lindstrom AT>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 16:23:18 +0000

Threading: [BOAI] a question on the nature of this group from carolina.rossini AT
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Greetings from Vancouver

Interestingly enough, at least from the perspective of an earth sciences 
librarian, it appears that some journals that
are in Latindex are also indexed in Web of Science and GeoRef.

For example,

Knowing the coverage of GeoRef, this doesn't really surprise me.


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Subject: [BOAI] Re: a question on the nature of this group

Having tried for years to demonstrate that what is going on outside the North 
Atlantic region of the world, is significant at a world scale - how long did it 
take for people to begin paying attention to both SciELO and RedALyC? Who pays 
attention to the 6000 journals vetted by Latindex? Why are people mesmerized by 
the Web of Science, SCOPUS and Ulrich's? - and after publishing several 
articles on this kind of issues, I would support Carolina's call with passion. 
I would simply add that local actions are wonderful, but one should never 
forget that their potential world impact is also great. The North Atlantic 
region is not the sole fount of wisdom in the scientific world, and it should 
not masquerade as the only site of "international" science 
(international here meaning "core journals" as defined by 

What SciELO and RedALyC are doing is probably far more significant than all the 
battles in Britain about a silly Finch report, because the Finch report affects 
only Britain and Brazil's GDP is just about to pass that of Britain, if it is 
not already the case. The future lies with Brazil, not Britain, or France or 

I am with you 120%' Carolina.


Le mercredi 12 juin 2013 à 13:06 -0400, Carolina Rossini a écrit :
Hi all,

In the past few days, thinking on how to advance OA in Latin America, I was 
wondering if the members of this list could play a more active role in 
supporting regional policy initiatives.

I was thinking of a coalition of sorts, which can publish statements and 
positions supporting local actions.

What do you think? This would not change other roles for this list, regarding 
discussions on concepts and events, but would add a additional and spicy 


Carolina Rossini
+ 1 6176979389
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