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[BOAI] Re: Fwd: [GOAL] DOAJ announces new selection criteria

From: "Beall, Jeffrey" <Jeffrey.Beall AT>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 08:48:41 -0600

Threading: [BOAI] Fwd: [GOAL] DOAJ announces new selection criteria from peter.suber AT
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As David notes, there is some overlap between my list and DOAJ, and the overlap 
is due to different criteria. I don't think the overlap is large. 

Here are my reasons for adding World Scholars to my list:

1. The domain name data is blocked. Some of the journals show an Oklahoma City 
P.O. Box as an address; others lack any physical location information.  This 
shows a tendency towards non-transparency. Where is this journal really 
headquartered? Who is operating it? These questions are not sufficiently 
answered on the site.

2. Each of the publisher's journals has a broad scope, perhaps to attract more 
papers, e.g., American Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Also, the 
journals contain articles that don't really match their scope. The lead article 
in the current issue of the American Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 
is entitled, "Effects of Interest Rate and Debt on Equity 

3. Some of the editorial boards are small. For example, the one for the Journal 
of Sustainable Society has only six members, with only one from the U.S.

4. The publisher does place the CC BY logo on its website, but the PDFs of the 
individual articles do not bear any licensing information. 

5. Each of the journals purports to be indexed by a long list of services, but 
some on the list are not indexing services. 

6. Contact information is always generic and avoids listing any names, for 

Principal Contact

Email: ajtr AT
Support Contact
Support Email: support AT

7. The International Journal of Community Development has no editorial board 
listed, yet it has published an issue. Also, that journal title duplicates 
another journal established earlier.

8. There's no indication that the publisher pays any attention to digital 
preservation. The author guidelines are minimalist, and stated policies 
regarding retraction and the like are non-existent. 

9. Despite the publisher's purported U.S. location, a good portion of the 
published papers originate in east and southern Africa.

Thank you,

Jeffrey Beall

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Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2013 6:50 AM
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Subject: [BOAI] Re: Fwd: [GOAL] DOAJ announces new selection criteria

Here is a new title in DOAJ. As you can see the Publisher is World Scholar. 
This Publisher is noted on

Beall’s List:Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access 

Any explanations?


American Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

ISSN/EISSN: 23290781 2329079X
Publisher: World Scholars
Subject: Multidisciplinary
Country: United States Language: English Start year 2013 Publication fee: Yes 
--- Further Information
Added to DOAJ: 2013-06-12 13:51:41

2013/6/12 Peter Suber <peter.suber AT>:
> [Forwarding from the Directory of Open Access Journals, via the GOAL list.
> --Peter Suber.]
> The Directory of Open Access Journals ( is delighted to 
> announce new selection criteria and *hereby announces that these new 
> criteria are open for public comment until July 15th*.
> The DOAJ-team has developed the criteria and our Advisory Board
> en#board)
> has provided input and comments.
> With the growth in the number of researc
> h
> funders, institutional open access policies and mandates, all 
> stakeholders involved – researchers (as authors and readers), research 
> managers, staff managing publication funds, librarians, universities 
> and research funders - need a trusted and reliable information 
> resource that identifies good quality open access journals and filters out 
disreputable publishers.
> Equally, the former have a vested interest in not being associated 
> with the latter.
> We have tried to construct objective criteria that can facilitate 
> compliance verification easily.
> In order to be listed in the DOAJ, a journal must meet the following
> criteria:
> *
> Journal will be asked to provide basic information (title, ISSN, 
> etc.), contact information, and information about journal policies
> *
> Journal is registered with SHERPA/RoMEO
> *
> Journal has an editorial board with clearly identifiable members 
> (including affiliation information)
> *
>  Journal publishes a minimum of five articles per year (does not apply 
> for new journals)
> *
>  Allows use and reuse at leastat the following levels (as specified in 
> the Open Access Spectrum,
> - Full text, metadata, and citations of articles can be crawled and 
> accessed with permission (Machine Readability Level 4)
> - Provides free readership rights to all articles immediately upon 
> publication (Reader Rights Level 1)
> - Reuse is subject to certain restrictions; no remixing (Reuse Rights 
> Level
> 3)
> - Allow authors to retain copyright in their article with no 
> restrictions (Copyrights Level 1)
> - Author can post the final, peer-reviewed manuscript version 
> (postprint) to any repository or website (Author Posting Rights Level 
> 2)
> You may review the complete list of criteria here:
> jAweE96czRQb3NDbnc&usp=sharing
> Future submissions for inclusion in to DOAJ must include the complete 
> set of information provided by the publisher. This information will be 
> publicly available in the Directory. The journals currently listed in 
> the DOAJ will have to go through a re-evaluation process based on the 
> new criteria. This work will take place over the next 12 months or so.
> *DOAJ Seal of Approval* At the same time we are launching the DOAJ 
> Seal of Approval for Open Access Journals (in short: the DOAJ Seal) to 
> encourage a high practice standard. These journals will be identified 
> with the DOAJ Seal logo.
> In addition to the more general criteria, above, required for 
> inclusion in the DOAJ, the following criteria must be met for a 
> journal to receive the DOAJ Seal:
> *
>  Provides machine readable copyright information to help search 
> engines identify open works
> *
>  Provides DOIs at the article level
> *
>  Provides metadata to DOAJ at the article level
> *
>  Has a digital archiving/preservation arrangement in place
> *
>  Allows use and reuse at least at the following levels (as specified 
> in the Open Access Spectrum,
> + Allows a community standard API or other protocol to crawl or access 
> + full
> text, metadata, citations, and data (including supplementary data) for 
> articles (Open Access Spectrum: Machine Readability Level 2)
> + Ensures generous reuse and remixing rights (Open Access Spectrum: 
> + Reuse
> Rights Level 1)
> + Allows authors to post any version of their article to any 
> + repository or
> website (Open Access Spectrum: Author Posting Rights Level 1)
> +++++++++++++++++++++
> We are confident that the new criteria will positively contribute to 
> the transparency of open access. Since open access journals are a 
> relatively new phenomenon, and one that is continuously changing, we 
> will probably have to revise the criteria in a couple of years to keep 
> them current and up to date.
> To avoid any misunderstanding, we are restating DOAJ’s scope here:
> The DOAJ has the ambition to continue to be the white list of open 
> access journals that are global in scope in terms of geography, 
> scientific discipline and language.
> In scope: Journals that provide immediate access to scholarly articles 
> without reader payment, including back-files from those journals made 
> freely available after transitioning to open access.
> Not in scope: Single articles from subscription based journals made 
> freely available under an open access option (hybrid articles).
> Articles from subscription based journals made freely available after 
> an embargo period (so-called delayed open access – not a term in our 
> dictionary).
> Your comments on the new criteria are much appreciated and will 
> contribute toward their implementation. Comments must be received 
> before 6pm CEST on Monday 15th July 2013 and should be sent to the 
> DOAJ Community Manager Dominic Mitchell (dom AT
> Kind regards
> Lars Bjørnshauge
> Managing Director, DOAJ
> --
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Jan Szczepański
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Göteborgs universitetsbibliotek
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