From memory:

1. The terms Green and Gold appeared shortly after BOAI.

2. Stevan Harnad invented these terms.

3. I should let Stevan clarify this, but, again from memory, Green origin ally meant self-archiving, and Gold meant journals offering open access to their content.

Then allkinds of things happened that did not simplify matters... :-)

Jean-Claude Guédon

Le vendredi 19 avril 2013 à 12:59 +0900, Shigeki Sugita a écrit :
Dear BOAI 2002 vanguards,

Someone please teach me about the original meanings or implications of "green" and "gold" at the time of the first BOAI recommendation. Why was self-archving named as "green" and OA journals as "gold"?

green: green light? "RoMEO-green"?
gold: highest grade? (like "Gold Medal")

Best wishes,


Jean-Claude Guédon
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