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From: Julia Bolton Holloway <holloway.julia AT>
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2013 09:47:45 +0200

Threading: [BOAI] Japan's National OA Mandate for ETDs. from jyogaku AT
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Am seeing an analogy between publishers' monopolizing of scholars' and
authors' work for their own exclusive profit, instead of true
'publishing', as like the attitude of Monsanto towards monopolizing
seeds and exploiting farmers in debt cycles. Perhaps we need to work not
so much for Democracy, which can be so easily manipulated by Corpocracy,
as for the Republic, the People's Thing, the Res Publica, As in Florence
when the hard-working Guelfs banished the property owning Ghibelline
robber barons (who did not work but violently profited from others), and
set up instead the Primo Popolo, razing the Ghibellines' towers and
building from their stones the city walls of common defense, going on to
establish hospitals, ambulance services, orphanages, poverty relief, a
granary to feed even the enemy in times of famine, road-building, bridge
building, cathedral building. Then the Medici undid the Guelf Republic,
building palaces for themselves and fortresses against their own people.
The Renaissance really began in the thirteenth century, before the
Medici were even heard of, when the Primo Popolo and Secondo Popolo were
educating themselves with Cicero's Rhetoric and Aristotle's Nicomachean
Julia Bolton Holloway Mediatheca 'Fioretta Mazzei' 'English' Cemetery
P.le Donatello, 38 50132 FIRENZE ITALY
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