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[BOAI] Making more sense out of Research Data!

From: "GreyNet" <info AT>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 13:26:58 +0100

GreyNet's Enhanced Publications Project (EPP) is helping to make more sense
out of Research Data

Now that acquisition, open access, and preservation of research data linked
to GreyNet's Collection of Conference Preprints is part of its workflow.
And, now that retrospective input of research data (1993-2012) is guaranteed
by GreyNet's EPP partners - the OpenGrey Repository and DANS Archive. We now
turn to the more than 300 authors/researchers in the GL-Conference Series
and invite them to submit their research data. To help in this, a Frequently
Asked Questions List as well as
access to research data already submitted by colleagues from Canada, Czech
Republic, France, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, and the USA are now available,

GreyNet International
Grey Literature Network Service
Javastraat 194-HS
1095 CP Amsterdam

T/F +31-(0)20 331 2420
Email: info AT

"GreyNet is dedicated to Research, Publication, Open Access, and Education
in the field of Grey Literature"

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