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[BOAI] Dr. Jan Brase will deliver GL14 Keynote Address

From: "GreyNet" <info AT>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 13:09:28 +0100

Dr. Jan Brase will deliver Keynote Address at the Fourteenth International
Conference on Grey Literature in Rome
"Promoting the acceptance of research data and grey literature as
individual, citable scientific objects"

Jan Brase has a degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer science. His
research background is metadata, ontologies and digital libraries. Since
2005 he is head of the DOI-registration agency for research data at the
German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB). He is furthermore
Managing Agent of DateCite, an international consortium with 15 members from
11 countries DataCite was founded in December 2009
and has set itself the goal of making online access to all kinds of
information for scientists easier by promoting the acceptance of research
data and grey literature as individual, citable scientific objects. DataCite
has already assigned over 1.3 million DOI names to data sets and grey
literature. Jan is Chair of the International DOI foundation (IDF),
Vice-President of the International Council for Scientific and Technical
Information (ICSTI) and Co-Chair of the recently established CODATA Data
Citation task group. He is author of several articles and conference papers
on the citation of data sets and the new challenges for libraries in dealing
with such non-textual information objects.

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