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[BOAI] Idea for ease of deposit, author participation in repositories

From: "Arif Jinha" <arif AT>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 14:40:00 -0500

I have an idea to solve the problem of time management and ease of deposit, it 
is simple for the author, not sure how hard it is technically to set up. I'm a 
geek, but not that sort!

Here's how it would work. 

1. Have an email address that faculty simply send their paper to (cc admin 
assistants!) and where mandated this can be the simple instruction for what 
they must do to participate. 

2. Have that email send an automated reply to get the rest of the data needed 
(author info, institution, any files not sent? that kind of thing). On the 
other end, have that data entered into the repository with the paper, perhaps 
there is an easy automated way to transfer this to online database (CSV?).  

3. When its done send a link that allows the faculty person to correct any 
errors by online form, add any missing files, and approve the submission. They 
then feel happy to see it up there without having done that much work and will 
want to do it again.  The charm of it is how simply it starts, and how the rest 
is initiated by e-mail reminder to completion.

All this amounts to for us who are submitting is sending an email with an 
attachment(and not thinking any more about it until the next mail), replying to 
an email(and not thinking any more about it until the next mail), and checking 
over the submission to click approve.  Done.

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