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[BOAI] OA policies and their "weight"

From: Remedios Melero <rmelero AT>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 09:14:19 +0200

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Good mornig!

In the last Open Repositories Conference which was held last week in 
Madrid ( ) was presented 
in the poster session the project called MELIBEA.

MELIBEA (  is a directory and  a 
validator of institutional open-access (OA) policies regarding 
scientific and academic work. As a directory, it describes the existing 
policies. As a validator, it subjects them to qualitative and 
quantitative analysis based on fulfilment of a set of indicators ( that 
reflect the bases of an institutional policy.

Based on the values assigned to a set of indicators, weighted according 
to their importance, the validator indicates a score and a percentage of 
fulfilment for each policy analyzed. The sum of weighted values of each 
indicator is converted to a percentage scale to give what we have called 
the "validated open-access percentage" (see how i t is calculated: ).

The types of institution analyzed include universities, research 
centres, funding agencies and governmental organizations.

MELIBEA has three main objectives:

    * 1. To establish indicators that reveal the strong and weak points
      of institutional OA polices.
    * 2. To propose a methodology to guide institutions when they are
      drawing up an institutional OA policy.
    * 3. To offer a tool for comparing the contents of policies between

The aim is not to be a ranking, but to offer a tool where to aanlyse and 
visualize the weaknesses or strenghts of an institutional OA policy 
based on its wording. It seems something trivial  but accomplishment of 
a policy is based on its terms.
Please if you detect any mistake or you would like to make a comment, 
contact me. I will be pleased if you could check your policy, if any, to 
analyse our approach.
Best wishes

R. Melero
Avda Agustín Escardino 7, 46980 Paterna (Valencia), Spain
TEl +34 96 390 00 22. Fax 96 363 63 01
E-mail rmelero AT

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