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Re: [BOAI] Formats for electronic dissemination

From: holl AT (Andras Holl)
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 10:33:20 +0100 (MET)

Threading: Re: [BOAI] Formats for electronic dissemination from harnad AT
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> Please, let's not lose sight of the problem, which is still there,
> as pressing as ever, but now being kept at a distance by yet
> *another* groundless, confusion-generating, and -- most important --
> *inaction-encouraging* reservation.

Isn't there a room for discussing the question of format and other
"technical" details like accessibility of document elements (figures,

I agree it is not the best strategy to inflate a problem with the
inclusion of other related problems - but there are ways to handle
situations like this. Open Access is about ACCESS, I accept. But we might
discuss Open Formats as well.

> But self-archiving is not about perennity, just about accessibility,
> because the self-archived versions of toll-access articles are merely
> *supplements* to and not *substitutes* for the publisher's proprietary
> toll-access version.

I'm afraid publisher's proprietary toll-access versions are neither
about perennity. Some of the publishers do have good solutions for
the format problem - I believe Univ. of Chicago Press is an example,
but others might not. It might not be the best strategy to put too
much pressure on them, indeed. I think, though, we should pay 
attention to document formats and related questions in the case
of self-archiving and institutional repositories.

Andras Holl
Andras Holl / Holl Andras                            e-mail: holl AT
Konkoly Observatory / MTA CsKI                       Tel.: +36 1 3754-122
IT manager / Szamitastechn. rendszervezeto           Mail: H-1525 P.O.Box 67, 
                                                           Budapest, Hungary

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