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Re: [BOAI] Re: Free Access vs. Open Access

From: "Javier Corripio" <Javier.Corripio AT>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 17:00:45 +0100

> Please, let's not lose sight of the problem, which is still there,
> as pressing as ever, but now being kept at a distance by yet
> *another* groundless, confusion-generating, and -- most important --
> *inaction-encouraging* reservation.

I couldn't have found better words for an answer.

Moving to another subject.  If we assume that scientists are interested in
the wider possible dissemination of their research, we could conclude that
strengthtening the rights of the authors to their work may result in a
better dissemination.  I mean if the practice of given away the copyright at
the time of publishing is contested, the authors will be freer to publish
their work online.

The copyright cesion is an abussive practice, and a clear discrimination if
we compare it to other areas of human creativity, where authors are much
better protected.  Asking for all copy-rights at the time of publishing a
photograph would be unthinkable in today's photographic publishing industry,
and the photographer normally keeps the right not only to make as many
copies of her/his work as she pleases but in some countries to revise the
initial license agreement if benefits for the publishers are higher than
initially planned/agreed. Additionally the photography publishing industry
is clearly for-profit without any altruistic claims.  This information comes
from the British photographers association leaflets on copyright,
additionally, I have worked as a freelance photographer for over 10 years
(longer than as a scientific researcher), and never been asked for a single

Does any one is familiar with these legal matters and how the legal
protection was historically achieved (for the others)?
It may be a line worth investigating in terms of keeping scientists' rights
to  re-use and disseminating their own work.

Best regards,
Javier Corripio
Dr. Javier G. Corripio
Centre d'Etudes de la Neige
Météo France - CNRM
1441, Rue de la Piscine
F - 38406 St. Martin d'Heres - CEDEX
Tel. +33 4 76 63 37 61
Fax +33 4 76 51 53 46
email: Javier.Corripio AT
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