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[BOAI] OASPA announces new board

From: Peter Suber <peters AT>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 08:46:42 -0400

[Forwarding from the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association 
(OASPA).  --Peter Suber.]

On behalf of OASPA I would like to share the announcement below:


18 September 2009, The Hague: The Open Access Scholarly Publishers 
Association (OASPA) announced the results of its first election at the 1st 
Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing last week.

Board members and officers include: Caroline Sutton, Co-Action Publishing 
(President); Saskia Franken, Utrecht University Library/Igitur (Secretary); 
David Prosser, SPARC Europe (Treasurer), Bo-Christer Bjork, Electronic 
Journal of Information Technology in Construction; Matt Cockerill, 
BioMed=A0 Central; Gunther Eysenbach, Journal of Medical Internet Research 
(JMIR); Mark Patterson, PLoS; Paul Peters, Hindawi Publishing Corporation; 
David Solomon, Medical Education Online (MEO).

Over the coming months OASPA will be establishing sub-groups to address the 
situation of different publisher groups and regions, as well as 
sub-committees to move forward on specific issues together with the broader 
scholarly communications community.

Caroline Sutton, PhD
Co-Action Publishing

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