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[BOAI] Re: Cliff Lynch on Institutional Archives

From: Stevan Harnad <harnad AT>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 13:53:22 +0000 (GMT)

Threading: Re: [BOAI] Re: Cliff Lynch on Institutional Archives from paquetse AT
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On Sun, 16 Mar 2003, Sebastien Paquet wrote:

> the value to a particular researcher [of] putting papers in open access
> strongly depends on the number of people who are also doing it (or at
> least using open archives) in his discipline and only weakly on the number
> of people who are doing it in other disciplines. 

I think the answer to your own point is contained within your parentheses:
Even if I am the *only* author who self-archives, I get the full
impact-enhancing value of it as long as the relevant researchers are
*using* my self-archived version.

Well, evidence suggests they are! See:
(And DP9, for example, also ensures that all google-users can access
all OAI papers, if the OAI search engines are not enough to point them
there! ).

> Since scholars are much better socially interconnected within disciplines,
> peer pressure is likely to drive authors towards open access on a
> disciplinary basis. It would be so much easier to convince a researcher 
> to jump in if he were persuaded that everyone else in his discipline is 
> also going to do it!

I don't disagree. But the question was merely whether there was any
special need for central, discipline-based OAI Archives, rather than
distributed, institution-based ones, to promote self-archiving and
open-access (given that they are all interopeable anyway). I think the
answer is no. Both kinds of archives are useful and speed us toward open
access (but I still think there are good reasons to believe institutional
self-archiving is the more universal and natural route, as well as the
speediest one!).

Stevan Harnad

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