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[BOAI] A freely available version of Developing OA Journals

From: "David J. Solomon,. Ph.D." <dsolomon AT>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 18:59:10 -0400

With the permission of Chandos Publishing I have released a freely 
available abridged version of Developing Open Access Journals: A 
practical guide. This version lacks the chapters covering background 
information and the depth of coverage of the topics in the original 
book. It is organized in an outline format.  You can access it at:


I hope you find it useful and would appreciate any feedback you have.

David Solomon

David Solomon, Ph.D.
A-202 E. Fee Hall
E. Lansing, Mi 48824

(517) 353-2037 Ext. 223 Voice
(517) 432-1798 Fax
dsolomon AT 

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