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[BOAI] Open Access Initiative from the Company of Biologists

From: Peter Suber <peters AT>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 09:36:50 -0400

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             [BOAI] Open Access Initiative from the Company of Biologists from peters AT



The Company of Biologists announces that - from January 2004  its journals 
- Development, Journal of Cell Science and The Journal of Experimental 
Biology - will be offering authors the option of  'open access'.

In response to the biological community's drive for freedom of access to 
scientific research, The Company of Biologists will offer authors the 
choice to have their work published free of charge (in the usual way) or as 
an author-funded open access paper. Open access is a new mode of 
publishing, which removes the subscription barrier and allows all internet 
users completely free access to the material. Authors choosing to take 
advantage of the open access alternative will be charged a publication fee, 
which, as an introductory offer, will be heavily subsidised by the Company 
of Biologists.

The Company of Biologists will offer this author-funded publication model 
for a trial period of one year. The traditional subscription model will 
operate in parallel as part of a hybrid publishing experiment. Authors will 
be asked to make the decision as to whether to take advantage of the open 
access offer when their papers are accepted. Those choosing the company's 
traditional free publication alternative will still benefit from no page 
charges, no colour charges, and free access to papers after 6 months.

As a small not-for-profit publisher, The Company of Biologists relies on 
subscription revenue to cover its publishing costs and to fulfil its 
charitable remit.  However, this experiment with an open access publishing 
model is an important development, allowing authors increased flexibility 
and choice. The Company of Biologists is dedicated to its continuing 
financial support for the community through grants, travelling fellowships 
and sponsorship.

For further information visit

Or write to:
Executive Editor,
The Company of Biologists Ltd,
Bidder Building,
140 Cowley Road,
Cambridge, CB4 0DL, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1223 420482
Fax: +44 (0)1223 423353
E-mail: cob AT

The Company of Biologists  scientific journals for today's researchers

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