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[BOAI] Re: On archiving & Mirroring of Journals by Third Parties

From: Luis Ibanez <luis.ibanez AT>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 22:37:57 -0400

Threading: [BOAI] On archiving from holl AT
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Hi Andras,

This post in the "creative-commons-community" mailing list:

is very relevant to our previous conversation:

It is about a thriller novel that was posted online under CC 
non-commercial license, the text has been community-edited.

The book is sold at a web site:

and its PDF file is available for free download at:

If you note,
the book's second page states:

Copyright 2005,2006,2007,2008
M. A. Newhall,
some rights reserved.
Please See
for the full text of the license.
This is version 1.02 of this book.
First Edition.
The latest version can always be found at
A printed copy of the book can be purchased from
This book has been community edited.
If you find errors of any kind in this text,
please email a correction to me at
M.A.Newhall AT
Please include:
The nature of the error;
The chapter number;
The page number;
A few contextual words;
A suggested correction;
I will consider all corrections for the next edition.
Thank you for your intelligent criticisms.
I hope you enjoy the novel.

          No redistribution restrictions...

In fact, the more we redistribute the PDF the more chances does
the printed book to be sold. This simply because few people like
to read a 220 pages document in a computer screen, specially when
it is a novel.

Please note that the PDF file is plenty of live links that point
back to the book's offical web site:

In marketing, this is called "viral marketing"


For the case of papers, once you have inserted on every PDF page
a live-link to your web site, you actuall want to ask readers
(strongly encourage them, and even beg them) to re-post online
the copies of papers they downloaded from your Journal.

This will create multitude of links that point back to your
official site, and will raise your Google ranking.
with the net result of attracting more surfers to your web site
and building up the reputation/visibility of the Journal.

     Best Regards,


Luis Ibanez wrote:
> 3) Here is a practical suggestion on how to drive authors
>    and readers back to your official site:
>    As part of the review process or the submission process,
>    generate a permanent URL for the paper (e.g. like the
>    handle system used by DSpace), then require the authors
>    to insert that link in every page of the final PDF version
>    of the paper (e.g. as a footer in every page).
>    The link could say something like:
>    "This paper is available free of charge at Journal XYZ"
>    "in the following link:
>    ""
>    If this is a live-link in the PDF file, then even better.
>    In this case, anybody reading the paper from the PDF file
>    will be referred back to your site.
>    You could also require (or at least make very easy for)
>    authors to use also permanent URLs when citing papers
>    from your Journal. For example, in the paper itself
>    add a sentence such as:
>    "For citing this paper, please use the following URL"
>    ""
>    In that way, If I'm citing a paper from your Journal,
>    I'll be happy to insert that live-link in the references
>    section of my own paper and enlarge the network of links
>    that point back to your site.
>    This is a bit like the hotmail method of giving email
>    access for free, and to make every email to be advertisement
>    for hotmail itself. That is, you can make every paper in your
>    Journal to be advertisement for your site. In that context,
>    then, the more the papers from your Journal are redistributed
>    mirrored, shared, emailed or posted on the web... the more
>    visible your official journal site will be.
>    It will cost you zero $ to get this extra advertisement.
>    Note that this is also the only practical way of building
>    up your Google ranking. Google will only count (or so we
>    believe) links that are external to your site. So, it is
>    in your best interest to have readers and authors posting
>    online the PDF papers from your journal(if you have inserted
>    in them the permanent URLs pointing back to your official site).

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