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[BOAI] New book on OA publishing

From: "David J. Solomon,. Ph.D." <dsolomon AT>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 07:51:38 -0500

I recently published a book titled "Developing Open Access Journals: 
A practical guide" that may be of interest to the members of the 
listserv. To my knowledge it is the first comprehensive book on 
developing an open access (OA) journal. The goal of the book is to 
provide the essential information needed and guide someone through 
the process of designing and operating a successful OA journal.

More information can be found on the book's web site.

Best wishes,

Dave Solomon

David Solomon, Ph.D.
A-202 E. Fee Hall
E. Lansing, Mi 48824

(517) 353-2037 Voice
(517) 432-1798
dsolomon AT 

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