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From: David Dorman <dorman AT>
Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2008 12:51:57 -0500

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At 03:14 PM 02/02/2008, arif wrote:
>Moustapha and BOAI,
>I am interested to create a resource website for research/university 
>libraries worldwide who have very few or no on-line journal 
>subscriptions, so are low-resourced in that sense.  The information 
>on this website would include access to knowledge (a2k) - so the 
>issue you refer to, information on how to establish and maintain 
>connectivity and develop digital resources (ICT4D), and opportunties 
>for research network and partnership (Knowledge for development - k4D).
>I would envision this as a collaborative project, so far I haven't 
>had the resources time or money to do it, but will be starting a 
>thesis around this model of a2k, ICT4D and k4D.


Index Data would be glad to help.  We are a small company with 
limited resources, but we are committed to making Open Access 
information available to as many libraries as possible.  To that end 
we have made the use of our MasterKey federated search service free 
for searching selected Open Access content (at  We would like to add more resources 
and would welcome grant proposals to that end.

We have also created a beta version of MasterKey-In-A-Box, which puts 
the functionality of Open Access federated searching on a server so 
searches can be made without going over the Internet, enabling 
libraries with low or intermittent Internet bandwidth to do fast 
preliminary searching of metadata.  We are also looking for partners 
who would seek grant money to implement this pilot project in one or 
more African libraries.

MasterKey is based on open source software, as is most of Index 
Data's software.  We believe OSS is as critical to open access as 
open content is.


>We have had a few requests around library resources from African 
>universities where our university (u of Ottawa) was getting involved 
>in some kind of partnership of research and/or educational 
>exchange.  One request is whether the partner institution's members 
>can have equal access as our members to our digital library 
>resources including subscriptions. My thesis will investigate the 
>legal barriers to library partnership with a view that they can be 
>overcome.  The intervention is technically simple - the Senegal 
>library would partner with a university in OECD which would give 
>library access accounts to the Senegal institutions' members, who 
>would then have equal access as the OECD university members.  But it 
>is legally complicated.  Another request is technical assistance for 
>stable, broadband internet access.
>Interestingly, because of the muddy waters and uncertainty on the 
>library partnership idea, this idea sprang to mind of creating a 
>resource for optimising usage of open access by low-resourced 
>librarires through providing them with a guide to open access and 
>other programs.  Many may be eligible for HINARI or its sister 
>programs, or the Oxford program for free access for developing 
>countries.  These are the kinds of links and resources that should 
>be available on this resources site, how to access these programs.
>One question for me is whether this would be useful beyond the 
>resources that are already available, such as DOAJ.  I still find it 
>difficult myself to navigate open access, of course for us we are 
>fortunate that if an article is not open access, most of the time we 
>can log-in to our unversity accounts and access it through 
>subscription.  One thing I've learned is that google will list all 
>the versions of an article, some will lead you to closed access 
>links but if the author has self-archived or used a repository, that 
>route should be available too.  So, with funding mandates changing, 
>this route, which is not captured in DOAJ through open access 
>journals, would be important in maximizing access to knowledge.
>One thing the resource site could do would be to offer these kind of 
>tips to people who are just catching on to the increased resources 
>available to them through OA journals and mandated archiving, so 
>that they can take advantage and we can actually see development 
>impact as a consequence of OA.
>Would anyone like to help create it? I like to use drupal sites 
>which make it easy to collaborate and content development can be 
>open to ppl who are not computer programmers!  could this project be 
>The site should be the place to go in order to find out how to 
>maximize the utilitiy of open access for individuals and libraries 
>worldwide.  At the same time, it could also be a platform for those 
>who use it (primarily those without access to adequate institutional 
>subscriptions) to voice advocacy for continuing to increase OA 
>mandates and support.  These could be developing country researchers 
>or students, or those in more remote areas in OECD countries, even 
>NGO's and CBO's who need research for their work etc.
>can contact me directly at <mailto:arif AT>arif AT
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>Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2008 9:00 AM
>Dear Community members,
>During a recent trip to Senegal West Africa, I was approached by the 
>University Library to help in identifying quality open access 
>journals to support education and research at the institution. I 
>decided to compile existing resources such as the 
><>Directory of Open Access Journal. If you know 
>of any other resources(French in particular), please share within 
>this community.
>Thank You,
>Moustapha Diack, Ph.D.
>Depts. Science/Math Education & Chemistry
>Southern University - Baton Rouge, LA 70813
>Tel. (225) 771 2028 (Office) - Fax: (225) 771 3992
>(President, <>Louisiana Academy of Sciences)
>(Associate Editor, MERLOT Faculty Development Board)
>For great new teaching ideas and Conferences:
>MERLOT web site:  <>
>MAN Web site: <>
>e-learning Africa Conference: 
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