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[BOAI] Release of 1st DRIVER Summit report

From: "Jones Sophia" <Sophia.Jones AT>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 13:49:32 -0000

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(apologies for cross posting)

Dear colleagues,

On 16 and 17 January 2008, DRIVER II successfully carried out its first
Summit in Goettingen, Germany. Approximately 100 invited representatives
from the European Community, including representatives of the European
Commission, over 20 spokespersons of European repository initiatives as
well as experts in different repository related fields from Europe, the
U.S., Canada and South Africa came together to discuss their experiences
and concrete actions with respect to the further building of
cross-country repository infrastructures.

The first DRIVER Summit was a successful milestone on the way to
building a professional, active repository community. Over the course of
2008, DRIVER II will invite various stakeholders to support DRIVER in an
advisory capacity and to prepare the building of a Confederation, by
exploring models of and potential liaisons with, existing organisations
and initiatives (like SPARC, LIBER, the European Digital Library,
Alliance for Permanent Access, etc.).

On behalf of the DRIVER II Consortium, Dr Norbert Lossau, Scientific
Coordinator, has prepared a brief report on the Summit, available on the
DRIVER website and the following link:

The EC-funded DRIVER II project is leading the way as the largest
initiative of its kind in helping to enhance repository development
worldwide. Its main objective is to build a virtual, European scale
network of existing institutional repositories using technology that
will manage the physically distributed repositories as one large scale
virtual content source. For further information please go to the central
entry point of the DRIVER initiative:

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