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[BOAI] bibliometrics and open access solutions

From: Christine Kosmopoulos <christine.kosmopoulos AT>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 10:56:32 +0100

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             Re: [BOAI] bibliometrics and open access solutions from krichel AT

A new contribution about bibliometrics in Social Sciences and Humanities :

Christine Kosmopoulos et Denise Pumain

    Citation, Citation, Citation : Bibliometrics, the web and the Social
    Sciences and Humanities

The use of digital resources and the affirmation of research assessment 
exercises throw a new light on the issue of bibliometrics. The paper 
reviews the main data bases and indicators in use. It demonstrates that 
these instruments give a biased information about the scientific output 
of research in Social Sciences and Humanities. Emerging publishing and 
editing strategies on the web are analysed. The paper supports open 
access solutions and sharing ressources policies for the social 
science's literature.
Read more :

Published  on the 17th of December 2007 in : Cybergeo : European Journal 
of Geography
Open Access Journal since 1996 and free of charges, edited by the 
Laboratory Géographie-cités of the CNRS, FRANCE)

ATTACHMENT: christine_kosmopoulos.vcf!

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