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Re: [BOAI] Re: Cliff Lynch on Institutional Archives

From: Linda Thede <lqthede AT>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 13:12:24 -0500

Threading: Re: [BOAI] Re: Cliff Lynch on Institutional Archives from freemamh AT
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             Re: [BOAI] Re: Cliff Lynch on Institutional Archives from harnad AT

The problem that Margaret writes about is particularly true in practice
disciplines such as nursing or physical therapy. Those in these disciplines
are also at a great disadvantage when it comes to accessing the literature -
outside of academic medical centers, few healthcare facilities have good
libraries. They of course will among the big benefactors of OAI.

I do have an additional question, and perhaps it stems from not understanding
this process, but how will all these individual institutional papers be indexed
so interested persons can find them.

"Margaret H. Freeman" wrote:

> On 3/16/03 9:15 AM, "Stevan Harnad" <harnad AT> wrote:
> > The bottom line is this: The free
> > software (for example) can be installed within a few 
days. It
> > can then be replicated to handle all the departmental or research 
> > archives a university wants, with minimal maintenance time or costs. 
> > rest is just down to self-archiving, which takes a few minutes for 
> > first paper, and even less time for subsequent papers (as the 
> > metadata -- author, institution, etc., can be "cloned" into 
each new
> > deposit template). An institution may wish to impose an institutional
> > "look" on all of its separate eprints archives; but apart 
from that,
> > they can be as autonomous and as distributed and as many as desired:
> > OAI-interoperability works locally just as well as it does globally.
> I'd like to ask Stevan Harnad what arrangements can be made for publishing
> faculty and independent scholars who don't have the kind of institutional
> connections like a major research university for making their work OAI
> accessible without having to create personal websites. Is there some
> distributed depository that is or could be made available to them?
> Margaret Freeman
> Emeritus Professor
> Los Angeles Valley College

Linda Q. Thede
435-4 Chandler Drive
Aurora, OH 44202
lqthede AT

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