As you know, Medline is by far and away the = most important abstracting and indexing service in the life sciences and most = researchers access Medline through PubMed.  If you find a paper through PubMed and that paper is available electronically you = get a link through to the publisher’s site with the full-text (that you = can follow only if you have access rights).  For example, = see:


http://www.ncbi= ds=3D11857108&dopt=3DAbstract


It struck me that it would encourage life = sciences authors to self-archive if there was also a link from the PubMed record = to the self-archived version of the paper.  It should be possible to use the ‘link out’ feature to add the = authors’ version to the record (see http://www.ncbi.nlm.=  It might even be possible = to provide an icon on the main record page next to the link to the publisher’s = version.


I wondered if any repositories are already = offering this service to authors – i.e., if an author deposits their = version in the local repository the repository will make the PubMed link?  This could be a powerful tool = for encouraging the life scientist as they know that their version will be accessed by = anybody who does not have access to the publisher’s = version.


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