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Re: [BOAI] Independent open-access Canadian medical journal launches

From: "Prof. Tom Wilson" <t.d.wilson AT>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 09:02:53 +0100

Threading: [BOAI] Independent open-access Canadian medical journal launches from peters AT
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It's good to see a major venture in a key STM discipline which is taking what I
call the 'Platinum Route' to open access :-)  That is, the voluntary,
collaborative, no-charge model that is usually overlooked in the debates on OA.
Usually that debate concerns itself with the choice between author charging and
open archiving - one restricts access to authors, the other is crucially
dependent upon the acquiescence of the commercial publishers.  The only true
open access, which we can perhaps call TOA, is the Platinum Route - more power
to Open Medicine's elbow.

For those who would like reports on other experience of the Platimum Route,
see:,, and

Professor T.D. Wilson, PhD, Hon.PhD
Publisher/Editor in Chief
Information Research
e-mail: t.d.wilson AT
Web site:

Quoting Peter Suber <peters AT>:

> [Forwarding from Open Medicine.  --Peter.]
> Open Medicine
> A peer-reviewed, independent, open-access journal.
> CONTACT: Open Medicine
> Lindsay Borthwick, Media Liaison
> +1-416-534-5562; e-mail: <mailto:lindsayborth AT>lindsayborth AT
> Independent open-access Canadian medical journal launches
> Open Medicine is free of pharmaceutical 
> advertising and freely available online to everyone
> OTTAWA, April 18, 2007 — Open Medicine, a 
> peer-reviewed general medical journal, will 
> launch today using a bold publishing model: It 
> will publish independently of a commercial 
> publisher or medical association, leave the 
> ownership of articles in the hands of authors and 
> make all content freely and immediately available 
> online at <>
> As an open-access journal, Open Medicine aims to 
> stimulate discourse around the latest research 
> results and, ultimately, to hasten the progress 
> of research and distribute its benefits more equitably around the world.
> "We are launching Open Medicine as an open-access 
> journal because we believe the current, 
> closed-access model is inconsistent with the 
> values of medicine," says Anita Palepu, M.D., 
> co-editor of Open Medicine. "When medical 
> research—especially publicly funded research—is 
> accessible to only a small group of subscribers, 
> the benefits of that research are beyond the 
> reach of many of those who need it."
> Open Medicine was founded by a visionary group of 
> former editors from the Canadian Medical 
> Association Journal (CMAJ), along with colleagues 
> from across Canada, who recognized the need for 
> an independent voice in Canadian medical 
> publishing. It will publish original medical 
> research, as well as reviews and articles on 
> practice, policy, ethics and the medical 
> humanities—of interest to Canadians and to an international audience.
> All of Open Medicine's content will be made 
> available under a Creative Commons Attribution 
> License that allows authors to retain ownership 
> of the articles they produce and readers to 
> freely copy, download, reprint, reuse or 
> distribute them, provided the original author and 
> source are credited. Furthermore, articles will 
> be made available online and free of charge to 
> anyone with access to the Internet as soon as they are posted.
> "Using open-source software and a Creative 
> Commons Attribution License, Open Medicine sets a 
> new standard for access and academic freedom in 
> rigorously peer-reviewed medical journals," says 
> John Willinsky, Open Medicine's interim publisher 
> and Pacific Press Professor of Literacy and 
> Technology at the University of British Columbia.
> In medical publishing, conflicts over editorial 
> independence are not uncommon. One such dispute 
> prompted several of Open Medicine's founding 
> editors to write that "the dissemination of 
> medical science is, or should be, ultimately a 
> humanitarian project, and not merely the special 
> preserve of professional associations." 
> Consistent with this belief, and in an effort to 
> safeguard its editorial integrity, Open Medicine 
> is published by an independent, non-profit 
> organization and does not accept pharmaceutical or medical-device
> advertising.
> Open Medicine's editorial team is comprised of 
> respected and experienced editors from the CMAJ 
> as well as new members who bring important and 
> timely new vision to the online journal. The 
> editorial team is working in conjunction with a 
> growing editorial board that includes prominent 
> researchers from Canada, the United Kingdom, 
> Sweden, Argentina, India, Uganda and Mexico. 
> Together, they are committed to publishing the 
> highest-quality health research, to promoting 
> international dialogue and collaboration on 
> health issues, to improving the practice of 
> medicine, and to deepening the global community's 
> understanding of health and health care.
> "Open Medicine brings medical publishing where it 
> will be and where it ought to be: timely, 
> top-quality, free, and available to all," says 
> Jerome P. Kassirer, M.D., former editor of the 
> New England Journal of Medicine and a member of 
> Open Medicine's Board of Directors.

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