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RE: [BOAI] Copyright (or left) issues, a question

From: Julia Bolton Holloway <juliana AT>
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 20:28:28 +0200

Threading: RE: [BOAI] Copyright (or left) issues, a question from arun AT
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I had a similar experience. I found a whole volume of essays I had edited 
and published, which had then been sold back to me, including its 
electronic rights, was then being used as a 'free book' for subscribers of 
Questia. When I queried Questia they said Peter Lang gave them permission. 
But I could not find in Peter Lang who had done so. What troubles me is 
that much of its material had been so costly to obtain, permission rights 
to publish works of art, etc. Did they renegotiate all these? Which would 
be so much more expensive on the web than they are even in a book. Are we 
liable because they used them? Questia never asked my consent as copyright 
holder though a simple Google search would have found me. Like Cyprian 
Ciucu I feel authors and editors deserve the courtesy of a request for 
permission to publish. Did Oxford also give them permission to publish 
Holmes? Have others had this experience with Questia or Lang or Oxford? gives the following:

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                  little cultural or intellectual advancement. Now the 
Middle Ages
                  is recognized as an important time in Western European
                  development, and one that directly led to the Renaissance 

                  Two of the following books are completely free to read in
                  their entirety from October 11, 2002, through October 18,

Middle Ages
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At 16:38 31/07/03 +0300, you wrote:
>I recently faced this issue...
>I was browsing on internet and I found this e-on-line library selling my
>political analysis articles. Anyone how wants to red this articles would
>have to pay around 3 euros for each one. I'm gainning nothing. I publised
>this articles for free in some cultural maggazine, but it was my choise.
>I was angry because nobody asked me how I feel about this ideea......
>Best whishes,
>Ciprian Ciucu
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>From: Siegfried Angerer [mailto:sseaprod AT]
>Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 4:15 PM
>To: BOAI Forum
>Subject: Re: [BOAI] Copyright (or left) issues, a question
>Reply to "Peter Murray" <peter.j.murray AT>
>Sent: Monday, July 28, 2003 9:00 PM
>Subject: [BOAI] Copyright (or left) issues, a question
>Yes! The issue raised its head throughout the Copyright discussion forum
>more than 12 month ago. As an online content producer, developer, writer
>etc, I faced the issue as early as 1995. The bottom line is the first
>simple question you have to ask yourself - what and how much are you
>prepared to give away for nothing. The second simple question is - who
>else owns a stake, or can in some way make a claim on your intellectually
>rights or property ( the two things are distinct and separate ) "Note 
>most cases your University employer claims that the wage paid to you,
>delivers an unchallengeable ownership claim and a subsequent right to
>commercialise the fruits of your labour in any way it sees fit. (???) The
>third simple question is - what are your own intentions - Journal articles
>are often delivered for academic prestige, peer recognition and related
>reasons of academic advancement, or even for the less selfless among us -
>the sheer delight in furthering human knowledge. So what is it you wish to
>achieve and why? Regards Siegfried Angerer Director SEA Pty Ltd (R&D
>Trust - specialists in online distributed learning and teaching)
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